Inspired. Resourceful. Effective. Creative. Courageous.

Today’s charities and their corporate partners must be all of the above (and then some). At Courageous Philanthropy we are committed to helping our clients see opportunities with fresh eyes and conceive strategic fundraising, marketing and partnership initiatives that use donor dollars responsibly. We believe it is both possible and essential to do more with less.

We are proud to work with visionary non-profits and the corporations that support them to stretch the smallest of budgets and raise funds and awareness to change the world.  We offer training, ideation, strategic planning and support programs.  Be courageous.


Courageous Philanthropy is no longer taking new projects. Our operations will be winding up by September 12th, 2011.  

Thank you to our incredible clients who have allowed us to help them change the world through their courageous work!